Reloj Amperimetro Blanco ViewLine VDO Escala -150 / 0 /+150

Reloj Amperimetro Blanco ViewLine VDO Escala -150 / 0 /+150
Compra Reloj Amperimetro Blanco ViewLine VDO Escala -150 / 0 /+150 con Descuento en Tienda Náutica online

Reloj Amperimetro Blanco VDO 12/24V , Escala -150 / 0 /+150, Tienda Náutica Online -Venta Online de Accesorios Nauticos en España y Portugal, Productos y recambios Náuticos Europeos de la mejor Calidad a Los Mejores Precios. El mayor Catalogo de Materiales Náuticos Fabricados en Europa sujetos a  los más extrictos controles de Calidad Amperometer White 12/24V, The new generation Viewline is the new instrument platform for homogeneous and for the outboard motor and sailing yachts. Design of the line Viewline the pursuit of precision and the use of modern technologies are put on the same level of handling and attractive design. Viewline tools, developed with the new logic Dia.:Plug & Play Dia.:, both are designed for mounting on the view that the wire in the instrument panel and therefore offer maximum flexibility. The innovative modular design ensures maximum flexibility of configuration, regardless of whether or not the frame in relief. IP67. Voltage from 10V to 16V voltage and resistance drop from 16V to 32V. Integrated red LED lighting.

All instruments are supplied with lockring Viewline and connection cable

Dia.:: 52
Scale: -150 / 0 /+150
Volt: 12/24V

  • 110.20€
  • Sin Iva: 91.07€

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